Garsons have worked with Malcom Scott for nearly 40 years. During this time we have secured planning permission for many development projects on our two sites and we have built our business around the success of these applications.

The design team at MS always listen to what you would like to achieve and base their designs around your aspirations. What I enjoy most is bouncing different ideas off one another to come up with a winning solution that we all agree will work for our business.

There is always a strong business case submitted to the local authorities within every application, listing the benefits not only to the business but also the local community. This together with the relationship that the Malcolm Scott team forge with our local planning officers ensures that every application has the best possible chance of succeeding.
Ian Richardson, Director
Garsons Garden Centre & Farm Shop
Andrew Burton at Malcolm Scott Consultants is one of the most knowledgeable people on the farm shop industry, and is excellent at using his experiences in other industries to enhance our own. We have sent our team members on his management and leadership courses, and he is an excellent communicator and a trustworthy asset to his organisation. We often come to Andrew for advice about new business ideas and enterprises, and his advice is always well thought out, fact-based, honest and practical. We highly recommend Malcolm Scott Consultants and the huge range of services they offer to all sizes of businesses.
Emma Mosey, Director
Yolk Farm Shop, Minskip
Malcolm Scott are a valued partner of the Farm Retail Association, and their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm has proven extremely helpful to our members as they navigate their way through a broad range of challenges. We know we can always rely on Malcolm Scott to provide a friendly and helpful response when our farm retail members require a helping hand.
Jenny Rose, Manager
Farm Retail Association
I first came across Malcolm Scott consultants at the Farm Retail Association Conventions. Their talks had always been thought provoking and interesting, so when the FRA ran a course with Malcolm Scott looking at business development I signed up straight away. Andrew Burton led the course and I found him to be very supportive whilst also challenging me.

I like the mix of relevant industry related knowledge and experience Malcolm Scott offer, and their willingness to look at our business and offer advice. Today I am working closely with Andrew to help me with developing my leadership skills, and creating a longer term business plan and I see Malcolm Scott a very useful addition to my personal and business growth over the coming years.
Will Lacey, Owner
Laceys family Farm
I spoke to Andrew after he responded to my initial request for financial and business development support. He was very easy to work with and gave me a clear vision of what our strengths are, what we should be achieving currently and where we could go in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
Lorna Jackson, Owner
RealMeals Saltburn on Sea